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Bokashi Composting

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Written by Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:45;
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Bokashi is safe, natural and 100% biodegradable. Bokashi breaks down food waste through a fermentation process, thus reducing landfill from food waste. Bokashi is a wheat-bran inoculated with a mix of probiotic bacteria, yeast and fungi.


Developed in the 1980s in Japan bokashi is now globally used for the management of food waste.You need a carrier (bran is used), molasses, water and a mix of effective micro-organisms (EM)


The fermentation of food waste is crucial to the process. Not only does this stop rotting (and thus smells) it also pre-digests the food waste so that it can be quickly and easily composted or trenched. As the food waste does not rot no CO2e emissions are released.
The fermentation process also releases amino acids thus enabling faster uptake of nutrients by plants.


When wet-waste is separated from other waste, dry recyclable volumes increase by over 30%. Through this simple action, not only are you turning food-waste into a resource you are also reducing the volume of other material going to landfill.
  • Reduce landfill loads.
  • Reduce CO2e greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Build soil health.
  • Enhance plant growth in gardening and agricultural use.
  • Eliminate malodour in kitchens and the environment.
  • Help control fly, roach and rodent infestions.